Medical Interpreter Certificate

"It is the Mission of MiTio to convert people's love of language into a career as a certified interpreter, getting jobs in facilities around the world. This is accomplished by providing an outstanding, self-paced interpreting course for bilinguals fluent in English and another language. "

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This 40-hour curriculum is designed to train bilingual individuals as medical interpreters to meet the needs of doctors' offices, hospitals, emergency rooms, and other medical facilities.

Students will study the basic elements of medical interpreting and prepare to enter this growing field with this introductory course. Learn about the need for healthcare interpreting, recent developments in the field, its professional ethics, and standards of practice. 

Examine challenges and ethical dilemmas that often arise when interpreters and medical professionals interact, and develop the judgment needed to respond to them through role playing.

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6 Quizzes
6 Surveys
30 Texts
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Nelva Lee
Nelva Lee
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